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Dragon Medical One Desktop Application 4.0

Release notes,

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Release overview

Dragon Medical One 4.0 includes new functionalities to improve the step-by-step command capabilities and allow administrators to enable dictation at the cursor in Java applications.

What's new

Seamless microphone and device switching

When the end user is working with more than one Dragon Medical One instance for local and virtualized applications, Dragon Medical One now automatically detects whether the end user dictates into a local application or a virtualized one and switches audio and device button focus between applications. For more information, see the administration guide.

Java application support

Administrators who deploy applications based on Java technology can now enable dictation at the cursor in their application text controls by integrating a Java SDK provided by Dragon Medical One. Once integrated, Dragon Medical One can communicate with the Java application and end users can dictate at the cursor in this application.


Step-by-step commands: Wait for window

End users can now set a step-by-step command to pause until a window with a specific title receives the focus; this allows step-by-step commands to be optimized for the least amount of waiting time in workflows that automate interaction with multiple windows or applications. For more information, see the end user help.

Embedded step-by-step commands: Run step-by-step command

End users can now embed one (or more) step-by-step commands into another step-by-step command; the overall step-by-step commands will execute the embedded step-by-step commands as part of their sequence. For more information, see the end user help.

Embedded step-by-step commands require Dragon Medical Server version 3.3 R2. For more information, see the end user help.

Voice focus anchoring in Internet Explorer-based applications

End users can now anchor the voice focus to applications hosted in Internet Explorer. Voice focus anchoring is only supported in applications hosted in docmode 10 or higher.

Optimization of rapid navigation use cases

End users who need to frequently change the insertion position inside a text control while actively documenting or speaking (for example, via hotkeys or microphone buttons) can now configure Dragon Medical One to support their workflow. If this option is enabled, Dragon Medical One will actively keep track of the insertion position changes; if the insertion position changes, the audio stream will be split and the recognition results will be inserted at the current cursor position.

This optimization must be enabled in the SoD.exe.config file by administrators and selected in the Options dialog box by end users.

Solved issues


Application support

System requirements

For more information on supported infrastructure and text control support, see the Dragon Medical One Installation and Administration Guide.

System requirements

Virtualized environments

Dragon Medical Server

Product life cycle

Version Status End of support End of life
Dragon Medical One 3.1 End of life 14 Jul 2017 14 Oct 2017
Dragon Medical One 3.2 End of life 20 Oct 2017 20 Jan 2018
Dragon Medical One 3.3 End of support 17 Jan 2018 17 Apr 2018
Dragon Medical One 3.4 Supported 11 Apr 2018 11 Jul 2018
Dragon Medical One 3.5 Supported 15 Aug 2018 15 Nov 2018
Dragon Medical One 3.6 Supported 14 Nov 2018 14 Feb 2019
Dragon Medical One 4.0 Supported 31 Jan 2019 30 Apr 2019

Third-party environments

Support for third party environments is only valid as long as they are supported by the corresponding vendor and might be subject to other restrictions. Please contact Nuance Technical Support for details. For more information, see the documentation delivered with the third party product and supporting Nuance documentation.

When support by the vendor has stopped, Nuance will continue support if an issue is specific to the Nuance solution, within the limitations of the vendor’s and Nuance's end-of-life policy. This means that issues that are a combination of the vendor’s component and the Nuance solution cannot be supported.

Release history

Dragon Medical One 3.6