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Dragon Medical One Desktop Application 4.0 Service Release 3

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Solved issues


Application support

Known issues

Focus being removed from the Manage Vocabulary dialog box when training a word

  • The Manage Vocabulary dialog box minimizes when trying to train a word by clicking the microphone button; the window focus switches back to the application used previously.


  • Nuance PowerMic Mobile failing to start recording in RDS and VMware environments

  • When using Nuance PowerMic Mobile in environments that deploy Dragon Medical One to RDS or VMware View virtual servers that have the Nuance Virtual Server Extensions installed while connecting from endpoints that do not have the Nuance Virtual Client Extensions installed, recording will fail with an internal audio error.


  • System requirements

    For more information on supported infrastructure and text control support, see the Dragon Medical One Installation and Administration Guide.

    System requirements

    Virtualized environments

    Dragon Medical Server

    Product life cycle

    Version Status End of support End of life
    Dragon Medical One 3.1 End of life 10/01/2018 10/01/2018
    Dragon Medical One 3.2 End of life 10/01/2018 10/01/2018
    Dragon Medical One 3.3 End of life 11/01/2018 12/01/2018
    Dragon Medical One 3.4 End of Support 01/01/2019 03/01/2019
    Dragon Medical One 3.5 Supported 03/01/2019 06/01/2019
    Dragon Medical One 3.6 Supported 06/01/2019 09/01/2019
    Dragon Medical One 4.0 Supported 09/01/2019 12/01/2019

    Third-party environments

    Support for third-party environments is only valid as long as they are supported by the corresponding vendor and might be subject to other restrictions. Please contact Nuance Technical Support for details. For more information, see the documentation delivered with the third party product and supporting Nuance documentation.

    When standard support by the vendor has stopped, Nuance will continue support if an issue is specific to the Nuance solution, within the limitations of the vendor’s standard end-of-life and Nuance's policy. This means that issues that are a combination of the vendor’s component and the Nuance solution cannot be supported.

    Release history

    Dragon Medical One 4.0 Service Release 1

    Dragon Medical One 4.0 Hotfix 1

    Dragon Medical One 4.0

    Dragon Medical One 3.6