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Dragon Medical One Desktop Application 2020.1 Service Release 1

Release notes, 19.4.6137.2008

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Important information

"Hide Dragon" voice command

The "Hide Dragon" voice command will no longer be available starting with Dragon Medical One 2020.2. To minimize the DragonBar, end users can say "Close Dragon" instead.

Improvements for end users

Dragon Medical Advisor: Notification when advice is available

Dragon Medical One 2020.1.1 provides an improved notification mechanism for bringing the availability of advice to the attention of the end user. When new advice is available, the Dragon Medical One icon in the notification area temporarily flashes and displays the number of available advice items to be reviewed by the user. Note: For technical reasons, in virtual server environments, the icon does not flash when advice is available.

Solved issues


Application support

Epic Hyperspace
Microsoft Internet Explorer

Known issues

Allscripts SCM compatibility

When deploying Dragon Medical One 2020.1 into environments that run Allscripts SCM 18.4 CU2, documenting into AwareNotes is not supported.

Grundig device button support

When the Grundig virtual server device drivers are deployed to a virtual RDS server, Dragon Medical One using a Grundig device may become unresponsive when reconnecting to a session.

System requirements

For more information on supported infrastructure and text control support, see the Dragon Medical One Installation and Administration Guide.

System requirements

Virtualized environments

Best-effort support

If your environment does not meet the minimum requirements outlined, Nuance's ability to assist may be limited. This means that most functionality questions continue to be addressed, but if a bug is suspected or you are running into an issue that requires a technical investigation beyond known issues and fixes, we will recommend that you upgrade to the latest supported version. The following products fall into this best-effort support framework (this list is not comprehensive):

Product life cycle

Version Status End of support End of life
Dragon Medical One 3.4 End of support 01 Jan 2019 01 Oct 2019
Dragon Medical One 3.5 End of Support 01 Mar 2019 01 Oct 2019
Dragon Medical One 3.6 End of Support 01 Jul 2019 01 Dec 2019
Dragon Medical One 4.0 Supported 01 Mar 2020 01 Jun 2020
Dragon Medical One 5.0 Supported 01 May 2021  

Third-party environments

Support for third-party environments is only valid as long as they are supported by the corresponding vendor and might be subject to other restrictions. Please contact Nuance Technical Support for details. For more information, see the documentation delivered with the third-party product and supporting Nuance documentation.

When standard support by the vendor has stopped, Nuance will continue support if an issue is specific to the Nuance solution, within the limitations of the vendor’s standard end-of-life and Nuance's policy. This means that issues that are a combination of the vendor’s component and the Nuance solution cannot be supported.

Release history

Dragon Medical One 2020.1

Dragon Medical One 5.0 Service Release 1 Hotfix 1

Dragon Medical One 5.0 Service Release 1

Dragon Medical One 5.0

Dragon Medical One 4.0 Service Release 5

Dragon Medical One 4.0 Service Release 4

Dragon Medical One 4.0 Service Release 3

Dragon Medical One 4.0 Service Release 2

Dragon Medical One 4.0 Service Release 1

Dragon Medical One 4.0 Hotfix 1

Dragon Medical One 4.0

Dragon Medical One 3.6